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Discount ESET NOD32 Business Licences
Discount ESET Endpoint Security Licence
Discount Endpoint Security Licence
Discount ESET Endpoint Antivirus Licence
Discount Endpoint Antivirus Licence
Discount ESET File Security Licence
Discount ESET File Security Licence
Discount ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange
Discount ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Licence

ESET Endpoint Security:

Recommended for endpoints using public Internet connections. Our endpoint security combines the power and protection of our award-winning endpoint antivirus with additional benefits and capabilities. It is ideal for laptops and notbooks.

ESET Endpoint Antivirus:

Recommended for endpoints sitting behined a firewall. Using ESET Endpoint Antivirus will ensure a small footprint and minimal usage of system resource for your workstations and ships with our remote administration tool.

ESET File Security:

Maximize your IT efficiency without draining your resources. ESET File Security for Microsoft® Windows Server® combines leading virus detection with a small system footprint, so you can easily and effectively manage security in your Windows-based server environment.

ESET Mail Security For Microsoft Exchange:

ESET Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange Server eliminates all types of email-borne threats and unsolicited email, with harmful content filtered away at the server level - before it can do any damage.

Discount ESET Small Office Security Pack
Discount ESET Small Office Security Pack Licence
Discount ESET Small Business Security Pack Licence
Discount Small Business Security Pack Licence
Discount ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition
Discount NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition Licence
Discount ESET Mobile Security Busines Edition Licence
Discount ESET Mobile Security Busines Edition Licence

ESET Small Office Security Pack:

ESET Small Office Security Pack delivers comprehensive protection for your company workstations running Windows or Mac OS whilst also protecting a file server and mobile devices. Also included is ESET's powerful Remote Administrator tool.

ESET Small Business Security Pack:

ESET Small Business Security Pack brings comprehensive protection for endpoints in your business, whilst also protecting file server, mailboxes and mobile devices are also protected. Also included is ESET's powerful Remote Administrator tool.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition:

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition is the business class offering of ESET's proven NOD32 Antivirus. It is more accurately known as the award winning Endpoint Antivirus and protects your workstations effectively with the smallest footprint posssible.

ESET Mobile Security:

ESET Mobile Security for Business protects all applications, files and memory cards with the ESET NOD32 proactive technology optimised for mobile platforms. Lock lost or stolen devices by a remote SMS command.
Discount ESET Secure Authentication
Discount Secure Authentication Licence

ESET Secure Authentication:

ESET Secure Authentication delivers secure, yet hassle-free remote access to company network and data. A powerful mobile-based solution, it relies on two-factor, one time password (2FA OTP).

Discount ESET Licences

Why are our prices so competitive? We are an officially authorised UK Partner of ESET and are able to offer discount prices on Licences for business or home users. We provide both new ESET NOD32 Licences and renewals for existing Licences at prices which we believe to be the best available.

When you buy NOD32 and Smart Security discount antivirus Licences from us you can be assured that we are offering some of the the best prices on the internet. We regurlarly pass on discount ESET NOD32 Licence and discount ESET Smart Security Licence offers for free additional time periods and users. Make sure you check back regularly to see what offers we are currently running.

Case Study
London Symphony Orchestra

ESET Discount Antivirus Licences

To help reduce costs the LSO turns off its computers and related equipment when not in use. This means that vital tasks such as virus scanning must be carried out during office hours at a time when it is least disruptive, normally on Friday afternoons. However, when scanning started to impact heavily on performance of the network and the productivity of employees it was decide to look for a new supplier.

“We chose ESET because of its small installation, relatively low demand on system resources and its high malware detection rate. It’s also worth noting that the technical support we have received from ESET has been absolutely great. One of the aspects we like about Endpoint Antivirus is that it can be configured to work exactly how we want it to, but sometimes this means a call into ESET just to clarify a technical point. Every question or issue has been dealt with by extremely knowledgeable and helpful people. They really know their product well."

-Quentin Bradley, ICT of the LSO   

Case Study
Dorset Police

ESET Discount Antivirus Licences

“Recreating data from a machine linked to crime would normally be asking for trouble, but we know that we can rely on ESET Endpoint Antivirus to identify the threats, whilst allowing us to decide what action to take.”

Endpoint Antivirus can be configured to suit an organisation’s individual needs. Typically, companies require minimal user intervention and it is automatically set to delete or quarantine all suspicious files, reporting incidents to the administrator through the centralised management console.

“We’ve been using ESET Endpoint Antivirus since 2005 and ESET is still the vendor with the most VB100 awards and the one that as the smallest footprint, two of the key reasons we chose the product in the first place."

—DC Tristan Oliver, Dorset Hi-Tech Crime Unit   

Case Study
Brighton College

ESET Discount Antivirus Licences

Ensuring that computers remain virus free when they are used by hundreds of children everyday to surf the web, collect email and plug-in a myriad of storage devices is just the sort of challenge that has given ESET Endpoint Antivirus its enviable reputation.

“I find the management console very intuitive and hardly need to refer to the manual at all. It is also very flexible in its use and every aspect is clearly laid out. When we first changed over to Endpoint Antivirus we had the entire product installed and rolled out onto the network in no time at all problem free. Since then we’ve not had much to do with it. The product manages itself more or less and I receive email alerts should there be any queries or a problem."

—Wayne Govier, Network Manager, Brighton College   

Case Study
Dorset County Council

ESET Discount Antivirus Licences

Dorset County Council chose ESET NOD32 Antivirus to protect its IT infrastructure back in 2005. Although it has periodically considered other competitive products, it continues to use ESET because of its reliability in stopping threats entering the network, its light footprint that helps to extend the lifetime of older machines and an extremely fast scanning speed.

In 2005, after a rigorous assessment of several leading antivirus products, the council chose ESET Endpoint Antivirus. “The first thing we noticed when we switched to ESET was that the number of malware related incidents on the network dropped right off, and it’s not because the amount of malware has diminished either."

—Tony Beazer, Infrastructure Officer of Dorset County Council   

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